What’s Lurking Inside Your Firmware

Secure your firmware and comply with today’s IoT security standards.

Security & DevOps Teams Choose ReFirm Labs

Security for Your

Firmware Deployments

Automated firmware and IoT security analysis with the Centrifuge Platform®.

First Ever Cloud-based

Firmware Extraction

Binwalk Pro™ is cloud-based firmware extraction with expanded file system support.

Subject Matter Expertise

Firmware Services

Expert training, in-depth vulnerability reports, and full disclosure and remediation services.

Community Supported

Open Source Binwalk

The gold standard command line firmware extraction tool.

Stop Firmware Hacks Before They Happen

Firmware Security and Supply Chain Risk Management



Automatically assess your third-party or native firmware to identify vulnerabilities and potential backdoors.


Ensure your supply chain and OEM partners are meeting compliance and not exposing you and your customers to exploits and zero-day attacks.



Future-proof your firmware security efforts with rigorous, intelligent, and proactive monitoring and management of your entire firmware inventory.

“ReFirm Labs has built a tool that will help companies across many industries effectively secure their embedded firmware.”
Mike Horton


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