Secure Your Firmware

The first cloud solution to automatically and continuously protect the world’s firmware. 


The Centrifuge Platform

Automatically vet firmware images for vulnerabilities in about 30 minutes. No source code required.

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No Source Code Required

30 Minutes

ReFirm Labs named a top 10 Finalist of RSA Innovation Sandbox 2018.

Vulnerable Connected Devices

Attacks at the firmware level span every industry and sector. If a device connects to the Internet, then it faces substantial risk of attack.

Connected Medical Devices

Connected medical devices are vulnerable to malicious tampering.

Connected Cars

Vehicles are susceptible to rogue firmware attacks.


The everyday infrastructure of our financial lives is prone to attack.

Consumer Products

Flawed firmware on connected devices result in privacy invasion.

Certification Labs

Embedded firmware is notoriously difficult to certify with any certainty.


Current enterprise security solutions lack the ability to examine firmware as an attack vector, risking a compromise to the entire network.


A Global Telecom Company and
the Centrifuge Platform

A Global Telecom Company used the Centrifuge Platform to gain a deeper understanding on the security of compiled images.


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ReFirm Labs:
Thought Leaders

The Centrifuge Platform is the first commercial solution for detecting security flaws in connected devices.


NSA Veterans

As US National Security Agency veterans, the ReFirms Labs team is exceptionally qualified.


Expertly Tested

A new approach following years of development and teaching.


Binwalk Creators

The open sourced Binwalk solution is the core technology behind ReFirm Labs.