Binwalk Pro ™

Firmware extraction at scale.

Cloud-Based Firmware Extraction

Stop Downloading From Github

Binwalk, the original open source tool developed by our very own Craig Heffner, has over 4,000 GitHub stars. It has been used across the globe, and is embedded in several testing tools like the popular Kali Linux distro. With the cloud-based version you:

  • Stop wasting time compiling source code
  • Store your firmware images in a central repository
  • Have all your images and work at your fingertips

Expanded File System Support

More extractors, more file systems

The existing file extractors have been greatly improved to:

  • Better detect file system boundaries
  • Better handle encrypted firmware
  • Automatically detect root file systems
  • Reduce false positives / incorrect extractions

Support has been added for additional file extractors such as:

  • Docker containers
  • JFFS2
  • CramFS
  • UEFI

All Browser All the Time

Get Off the Command Line

We know what it’s like to be leet working on the command line in our green and black terminals. But let’s face it: there are times when a nice GUI can speed up the process.

The GUI allows you to:

  • Stop fumbling around on the command line
  • Easily navigate the file system
  • Easily search for files
  • Use a built-in hex viewer

Subscription Plans


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Upload, analyze, & store 30 firmware images per month


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