Spying Eyes: Chinese-made Security Cameras a Clear and Present Danger

security cameras Feb 19, 2018

6 Min video

We are rapidly becoming a surveillance state. That’s not all bad. The threat of terrorism has created a dangerous world and surveillance can help with our security. But do we need to watch, the eyes watching us? The answer may be yes. Believe it or not, we are buying a lot of surveillance cameras, from foreign countries that may able to turn them into Spying Eyes. Our Lisa Fletcher explains how.

Walk around our nation’s capitol, nowadays security is as evident as the iconic dome up on the hill. Barriers on the ground and if you look up, the ever-growing network of cameras that watch your every move. Most think those spying eyes work to make us more secure. That may not be the case.

Dr. Stephen Bryen: If you take Chinese electronics, that’s 80 percent of the US market. And the fact that instead of providing security, they’re providing insecurity.

Doctor Stephen Bryen was the Pentagon’s Deputy Undersecretary Of Defense. For years he’s...


ReFirm Labs & FOX 5 News DC Hack Camera to Steal a Car

security cameras Nov 17, 2017

FULTON, Md. - New research from a Maryland technology company has uncovered security flaws in home security cameras that could allow hackers to watch you or even manipulate the cameras to steal from you. FOX 5 linked up with those researchers from ReFirm Labs in Howard County and they demonstrated what they found. Using a security camera trained on a truck, an employee showed how it was possible to hack into the camera system.

“We will take over the camera, and what we plan to do here is freeze the image and then make you, as the user, think that what you are seeing is real when, in fact, it’s not,” explained ReFirm CEO Terry Dunlap.

The hack showed that a person checking their security camera online would see the frozen image of the parked truck, even as someone was driving the truck away.

Dunlap, who used to work for the National Security Agency, also showed FOX 5 a public website where live security camera footage from around the world is visible. Dunlap said...


ReFirm Labs Announces $1.5 Million in Funding

funding Nov 14, 2017

National Security Agency Veterans Develop Automated Platform To Detect Firmware Vulnerabilities In Billions of IoT And Other Connected Devices

Just-Published ReFirm Labs Report Finds Major Security Problems in Popular Consumer And Enterprise Cameras from TRENDNet, Belkin, and Dahua

FULTON, MD – November 15, 2017 – ReFirm Labs today announced it has received $1.5 million in initial funding and is launching its Centrifuge Platform, which automatically detects security vulnerabilities in the firmware that runs billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consumer electronics and other connected enterprise machines. ReFirm Labs is backed by DataTribe, which contributed $1.5 Million in seed-stage capital. DataTribe is a startup studio specializing in co-building cybersecurity, analytics and big data product companies coming out of intelligence agencies and Government research labs.

Led by National Security Agency (NSA) alumni, ReFirm Labs aims to close the firmware security...


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