Centrifuge Platform®

Vet, validate, and monitor firmware security.

IoT = Poor Security Practices

Firmware Insecurity

Firmware is the embedded operating software in the hardware of a device. It is a commonly unprotected attack surface that attackers use to get a foothold in a network — an unsecured IoT device is essentially an unlocked front door, which means that once attackers take over an IoT device, they can move laterally into a corporate network.

High Cost of Breaches

When an IoT device is compromised, it can be used to steal information, violate customer privacy, and launch other attacks, which can result in lost revenue and customers, substantial costs to mitigate the problem, potential legal and regulatory costs, as well as reputational damage.

Got a Supply Chain?


Ask Yourself...

Do they deliver the vetting and testing necessary to deliver you the hardened, secure components you need?

Then Ask Youself...

Are you shipping insecure hardware with known vulnerabilities to your customers like these companies did?

Introducing… the Centrifuge Platform

The Centrifuge Platform is ReFirm Labs’ flagship product that proactively vets, validates and continuously monitors the security of the firmware that runs billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consumer electronics and other connected enterprise machines.

A New Approach to Firmware Security

Unlike other solutions, the Centrifuge Platform:


Requires no source code


Requires no agents on your network or SDK implementation on your device


Is proactive, finding new vulnerabilities before attacks happen


Provides ongoing firmware security analysis post-deployment

Automated Firmware Security Analysis

Eliminates manual analysis to:

Identify backdoor accounts


Find and analyze embedded crypto certificates across all binaries


Detect known exploits and malware

Identify exploitable code to help you find potential zero-days

Firmware component discovery

A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) tells you what open source components were used to build your firmware and is cross-referenced with CVE databases to reveal known vulnerabilities.


Continuous Monitoring


Prioritized Alerts

Advanced Analyzers

Continuous Monitoring

Centrifuge Guardian™ proactively warns you about new vulnerabilities, allows rapid patch and firmware update development and deployment before the vulnerability can impact your business.

Support DevSecOps initiatives

You can use Centrifuge’s comprehensive API to seamlessly integrate firmware security analysis into existing workflows – without interruption.

Build a centralized, secure repository

One place for all of your analyzed firmware offers a view of security across organizational and product team silos.

Actionable Reports

You can easily see, share, and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities affecting your firmware.

Leverage our nation-state level offensive experience

Protect your firmware and train your teams. Let us show you how.

Are you confident in your supply chain’s firmware and IoT security?

Test drive the Centrifuge Platform today.