Education Partners

Our IoT Cybersecurity Education Program

The mission is to advance cyber education around IoT devices while helping tackle the national security problem of emerging IoT threats.

We are providing free access to the Centrifuge Platform, our automated firmware security analysis solution. By placing our latest technology into the hands of students and researchers at the nation’s top universities.

Our aim is threefold:


To help them explore IoT device security

Learn to build secure IoT and embedded products

Conduct IoT and embedded security research

We used Centrifuge in an undergraduate class this spring, and it really opened the students’ view of the abundance and severity of vulnerabilities in current firmware for a wide range of IoT devices. With the Centrifuge Code Analysis, students were able to uncover binaries with unsafe function calls and lacked memory protection. Further, with the Centrifuge Software BOM reports, our students uncovered current firmwares using legacy software components with known vulnerabilities. The ease of the platform provided students an opportunity to quickly dissect and discover the insecurity of several firmware samples.

Dr. TJ O’Connor

Program Chair Cybersecurity for Computer Engineering and Sciences, Florida Tech

We work with more than 340 leading research universities in the nation to support the deployment of advanced communication and collaboration services such as Next Generation 9-1-1, Public Safety Voice Services and Public Safety Information Sharing. Information Assurance has to be a primary consideration in all of these areas. Providing access to IoT security tools such as Centrifuge supports our mission to collaborate with industry and make leading-edge technology accessible to graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Walt Magnussen

Director of Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC), Texas A&M

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