Meet the ReFirm Labs Team

Terry Dunlap

CEO & Co-Founder

Terry is an NSA veteran with deep experience in wireless network security. Prior to founding ReFirm Labs he founded and led Maryland-based cybersecurity startup Tactical Network Solutions.

Peter Eacmen

CTO & Co-Founder

Peter spent twelve years as a nation-state hacker for NSA, FBI and US Special Forces. He has a dual M.S. (Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics) from Naval Postgraduate School and holds three patents.

Craig Heffner

Principal Reverse Engineer

Craig is the author of open source firmware projects binwalk and Firmware Mod-Kit. He is the author of two industry recognized blogs and has spoken at major conferences including BlackHat and DEFCON.

Don Grote


Don has more than ten years of experience in R&D and productization of computer network exploitation tools, five years of experience in DevOps and QA. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Michael Kennedy


Mike is a full stack engineer with more than a dozen years of experience developing capabilities for NSA, military and law enforcement. He holds an M.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.


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