Red Team Firmware Exploitation

Built by offensive operators…for red teams

The team behind ReFirm Labs has decades of experience analyzing and exploiting firmware in embedded devices. They built the Centrifuge Platform to automate the time consuming process of analyzing firmware images for potential attack vectors. Leverage this expertise for your own red team to get your job done faster.

Firmware evaluations: No Source Code Required

Firmware images and libraries delivered in binary form do not have to be a black box. The Centrifuge Platform leverages our Binwalk Pro extraction engine to identify and extract the filesystems from firmware images.

Automated analysis engines identify backdoor accounts, weak passwords, out of date and vulnerable software components, or potential 0-days. All without the need for source code or installing software agents!

View the Invisible

The Security Checklist uses Refirm Labs’ proprietary signature database of known vulnerabilities, exploits and malware to identify invisible threats lurking in firmware other tools miss. The research team is adding new signatures all the time, and you’ll be notified if any of your products are susceptible before and after deployment.

Watch how the Centrifuge Platform helped weaponize a zero-day discovery.

Find the Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

The Centrifuge Platform automates the discovery of potential 0-days.

Our patent-pending methodology combines a unique static and dynamic analysis pipeline to identify only those pieces of code that actually generate controllable faults or command injections – reducing the universe of potential exploits and 0-days by an order of magnitude…which means precise, actionable results you can actually address.