ReFirm Labs Finishes Strong First Full Year, Expands Management Team

by Feb 1, 2019

ReFirm Labs, a trusted provider of the Centrifuge Platform™ for vetting, validation, and monitoring firmware security, today announced that the company concluded its first full year of bookings with strong momentum and an expanded management team. ReFirm Labs gained key customer wins in the telecommunications and cable industries, enabling companies to mitigate supply chain risk to ensure the security of network products deployed on their customer’s networks. ReFirm Labs also found success providing cyber insurance underwriters and technology leaders with confidence in the security of their IoT devices, allowing them to fully focus on the success of their enterprises. Current security measures don’t effectively protect firmware, and fail to proactively address vulnerabilities before it’s too late. Supply chain security risk and the rapidly growing attack surface of IoT and embedded devices is recognized as one of the most pressing issues facing the cybersecurity industry today.

Following ReFirm Labs’ rapid growth, Derick Naef has been appointed CEO. Derick brings over two decades of startup executive experience to the company, most recently as the GM of the mobility solutions business at data protection provider Acronis. He adds, “Now more than ever, it is critical for organizations, of any size or industry, to focus on vetting and validating firmware to secure their supply chain. As global expansion skyrockets and organizations increasingly engage with outside vendors located all over the world, the work we do at ReFirm Labs has never been more important.”

ReFirm Labs co-founder, Terry Dunlap, will continue to focus on championing the need to address the security vulnerabilities of IoT devices as ReFirm Labs’ Chief Evangelist, while also leading the growth of the company in the cybersecurity insurance market. “In 2019, we will further our mission to prevent and detect the root cause of cyber attacks, and make waves in the cybersecurity insurance market, as it proves to be a pivotal component for overall risk management,” said Dunlap.

ReFirm Labs also welcomed industry veteran Robbie Robbins as the organization’s VP of Sales and Business Development. Robbie brings over 25 years of startup experience in information and data security, and previously served as a Sales Director for ThreatConnect, a leader in the Threat Intelligence and Orchestration security markets. Robbie has led teams helping bring important products to market including: PGP, NextLabs, IBM/Encentuate, Raytheon/Oakley Networks, and Symantec Norton Admin for Networks.

To date, ReFirm Labs was named an Innovation Sandbox finalist at RSA 2018, as well as Cybersecurity Startup of the Year in the Info Security PG’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards®. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across multiple segments, ReFirm Labs secures the internet-connected devices they are responsible for and protects their businesses. Most recently, ReFirm Labs established a partnership with Soliton Systems, which will make it possible for the company to infuse sophisticated IoT firmware vulnerability assessments into the Japanese market.

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