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2019 Telecom Case Study Thumbnail

2019 Case Study:

Learn how your colleagues leverage our expertise to deploy more secure firmware throughout the telecommunications industry.

2017 Vulnerability Report

Research Report:
Firmware Vulnerabilities

Are these products on your network? Find out which vendor had an intentional backdoor installed and how we found it.

2019 Supply Chain White Paper

Supply Chain
Risk Mitigation

IoT devices aren’t built. They’re assembled from components in your supply chain. Are your suppliers sending you bad components? How do you know?

2019 Why Vulnerabilities Matter

Why Firmware
Vulnerabilities Matter

You will be shocked to learn what we find in firmware. If you’re new to firmware security, or just curious what we find, then start right here.

2019 Firmware Security Infographic

Firmware Security

Download this stats-packed firmware security infographic if you’re not into the white papers and case studies.

2019 Vulnerabilities Explained

Infographic: Vulnerabilities Explained

A quick, high-level overview of the security issues we routinely find in firmware. A good list of what not to do.