Firmware Services

For when you need a little extra help.

ReFirm Services

ReFirm Labs’ product security professionals have decades of experience exploiting firmware at the nation-state level. Our team can help provide expert training, perform detailed vulnerability inspections, or manage the entire end-to-end vulnerability disclosure and remediation process with your suppliers.

Centrifuge Platform Fundamentals Training

Onboarding and Ongoing Training

We can get your team up and running with the Centrifuge Platform with just a few hours of training online – and we’ll provide regular refreshers to introduce new features and get new team members up to speed.  Centrifuge Platform Fundamentals training gives your users a solid foundation for transforming firmware images into actionable vulnerability and supply chain data.

Firmware Analysis and Advanced IoT Exploitation Training

Comprehensive, Multi-day Training

Our curriculum of multi-day training courses gives your team a mastery-level proficiency with Centrifuge through practical analysis experience and guidance. Training is offered virtually or at your location. The introductory course gives students the ability to start performing basic security assessments of devices on their own. With this follow-on course, students will learn advanced techniques that are critical to understanding how to exploit IoT devices at an expert level – helping them better identify exploitable vulnerabilities as part of the product security process.

Detailed Firmware Analysis Reporting

Get the ReFirm Labs team’s view of your device

Want a more detailed view of the security of your device? Our team of experts can conduct an in-depth analysis of your firmware, delivering a comprehensive report interpreting the findings of the Centrifuge Platform. This includes explanations of potential vulnerabilities and detailed remediation suggestions. Depending on the findings we may provide a proof-of-concept exploit to share with your development teams and suppliers!

Vulnerability Disclosure and Remediation Service

End-to-end management of vulnerabilities

We can track your suppliers firmware issues. With a full end-to-end vulnerability management service, ReFirm Labs experts will analyze your firmware using the Centrifuge Platform. We will manage disclosure of potential zero-days, known vulnerabilities, weak passwords and all the other issues with your suppliers and make sure they get fixed. And we’ll validate the remediation and keep on top of new releases to make sure things stay fixed.