Securing the Connected Cars on the Road

Reducing the Threat of Connected Car Hacking

Tens of millions of connected cars are already out on the road, and in the near future that number will climb into the hundreds of millions. If a connected car is unsecured, hackers can gain remote control of a vehicle, allowing them to potentially:

  • Remotely start and stop the engine
  • Disable traction control systems
  • Force airbag deployment
  • Quietly steal data and information

Fortunately, ReFirm Labs’ Centrifuge platform helps device and automobile manufacturers lock down connected cars and defeat attacks before they ever happen and keeping hackers out of the driver’s seat. If you’d like to see how Centrifuge can help you protect connected cars and mitigate the growing risks to drivers and the transportation industry at large, request a demo. 

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The Centrifuge Platform

Automatically vet firmware images for vulnerabilities in about 30 minutes. No source code required.


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No Source Required

30 Minutes

ReFirm Labs:
Thought Leaders

The Centrifuge Platform is the first commercial solution for detecting security flaws in connected devices.


NSA Veterans

As US National Security Agency veterans, the ReFirms Labs team is exceptionally qualified.


Expertly Tested

A new approach following years of development and teaching.


Binwalk Creators

The open sourced Binwalk solution is the core technology behind ReFirm Labs.