Locking Down Connected Medical Devices: When unsecured medical devices are hacked, people can die.

Reducing the Risks from Outside Threats for Connected Medical Devices

The advances in healthcare driven by connected medical devices are huge, and the list of connected devices grows daily:

  • Syringe infusion pumps
  • Glycosometers
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Pacemakers
  • And much more

The key word in connected medical devices is, of course, “connected.” If connected medical devices are not properly secured, bad things can happen: Hackers that successfully seize control of connected medical devices could essentially hold patients with these devices hostage and demand ransom payments from hospitals, for example.

Fortunately, our Centrifuge platform helps device manufacturers and healthcare providers lock down connected medical devices, defeating attacks before they ever happen and mitigating the risks inherent to today’s connected devices. If you’d like to see how Centrifuge can help you protect connected medical devices, request a demo today:

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Automatic Firmware Analysis

Centrifuge automatically analyzes firmware images and uncovers vulnerabilities, including zero-day threats, without the need for source code.


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ReFirm Labs:
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The Centrifuge Platform is the first commercial solution for detecting security flaws in connected devices.


NSA Veterans

As US National Security Agency veterans, the ReFirms Labs team is exceptionally qualified.


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A new approach following years of development and teaching.


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The open sourced Binwalk solution is the core technology behind ReFirm Labs.