Protecting Connected Consumer Devices: Keeping Out Unwanted House Guests

Unless properly protected, the wide variety of connected consumer devices on the market are a virtual playground for hackers.

Centrifuge: Securing the Home and the Internet-Connected Devices In It

People are increasingly connected in their daily lives: Home security cameras, thermostats, toys, wearable devices, and even refrigerators are now online.

Homes cannot be safe and secure if these internet-connected devices are not properly protected. Connected toys can be remotely activated and used as eavesdropping devices. Home cameras can be watched 24/7, revealing intimate moments to prying eyes. And if a router is compromised, home devices can intercept passwords and quietly become part of a botnet used for internet-wide attacks. Meanwhile, most consumers will be completely unaware that all of this is going on under their roof.

ReFirm Labs’ Centrifuge platform is built to help connected consumer device manufacturers and internet service providers (ISPs) reduce risks, lock down connected consumer devices, and defeat attacks against vulnerable devices before they happen. If you’d like to see how Centrifuge can help you protect connected consumer devices, request a demo today.

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The Centrifuge Platform

Automatically vet firmware images for vulnerabilities in about 30 minutes. No source code required.


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No Source Required

30 Minutes

ReFirm Labs:
Thought Leaders

The Centrifuge Platform is the first commercial solution for detecting security flaws in connected devices.


NSA Veterans

As US National Security Agency veterans, the ReFirms Labs team is exceptionally qualified.


Expertly Tested

A new approach following years of development and teaching.


Binwalk Creators

The open sourced Binwalk solution is the core technology behind ReFirm Labs.