Protecting Connected Enterprise Networks and Industrial IoT (IIoT) Devices, Securing the Enterprise

Compromised enterprise networks and IIoT firmware can have a devastating impact on an organization’s ability to operate, its reputation, and its bottom line

Centrifuge: Reducing Enterprise-Grade Threats with Enterprise-Grade Firmware Security

A scaled-out enterprise network or IIoT implementation can have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of devices connected together, including:

  • Routers
  • Gateways
  • Remote Sensors
  • Factory Machinery

All of those connected IIoT and networking devices have their own firmware — but current network and device security tools can’t effectively protect them all. If that firmware is not properly secured, it leaves a major attack vector open to any nefarious entities looking to exploit these enterprises:

  • Sensor data can be manipulated to provide false readings
  • Machinery can be controlled to operate out of safe parameters
  • Credentials can be stolen
  • Large-scale data breaches can occur

All of the monitoring, patching, and upgrading required of an IT department to guarantee network security goes well beyond their manpower and budget. If these devices are left vulnerable, an attack can cost millions of dollars to deal with after the fact.

ReFirm’s Centrifuge platform helps manufacturers of IIoT and enterprise networking devices — and the enterprise companies that use them — lock down the firmware on these devices, mitigate risk, and defeat attacks before they happen. If you’d like to see how Centrifuge can help you protect your organization’s connected devices and IoT deployments, request a demo today. 

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The Centrifuge Platform

Automatically vet firmware images for vulnerabilities in about 30 minutes. No source code required.


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30 Minutes

ReFirm Labs:
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The Centrifuge Platform is the first commercial solution for detecting security flaws in connected devices.


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